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  • TtopsecretT Launch!

    New Year, New Site
    TtopsecretT was made from the ashes of PotimusModz, focusing on Xbox 360 mods / game cheats and as that scene shrinks down our interest in more community subjects grows. Starting with general gaming, we hope to build a strong foundation around it so people can always have a group to play with whether its on consoles or PC #pcmasterrace but it doesn't stop there. Other subjects such as Game Development/Modding, Art (Music+Graphic), Streaming, General Tech/Programming and with all these categories comes a place to show off your projects and even sell them through this platform.
    We Need YOUR Help
    We need your help to grow the community, start inviting your friends and dont forget to have them set YOU as the referrer when they sign up. The more you help the site grow the more you will benefit from this site whether its getting free memberships or free products at the store. Also join the discord (Site menu > More > Discord) and link your discord to the site through account settings to access the community channels.
    Other Notes
    Site is not 100% yet but back-end functionality is where we want it, so still changes to come. We are looking for a graphic artist. Make sure to join the steam/console groups and the discord! To old members, we are not ridding cheats entirely. Just expanding the scope of the site.
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